Those Horrible Druggies and their Suppliers

I think hopelessness needs to be considered and discussed as a driver of opiod addiction. Due to the apparent irrevocability of inequality, declining access to high quality education because of rising costs and privatization, continuing government failure to reregulate banks and other important economic sectors, Americans increasingly seek the paths of least resistance to forgetting.

Sure, the docs have been irresponsible and the manufacturers have rolled with it, and the users have used rather than humiliate and impoverish themselves by coming clean, etc.

But that’s just the avalanche. If the untreated money addicts are allowed to keep grading the economic playing fields into steeper and steeper slopes, what else do you expect? If these things are not linked soon in the public mind, remedies will not be found in time, and even the madmen cackling on solid gold mountain peaks will not be able to authentically enjoy themselves as they survey the irremediable wreckage.

I know, I got caught up with coke addiction 2x, and am now a dialysis and a leukemia patient. You can’t undo these things, anymore than you can unsee your parents having sex. You have to make all the corrections to your arrangements before passing your mountain’s shoulders, and we’re right there now.

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