Trump Addiction Story Killed by Newsweek Last Year

Unearthed Story That Newsweek Killed Reveals Trump’s Medical Records Show An Addiction To Drugs

by Andrew Simpson 2 mins ago 1 min agoMay 7, 2019

Not quite a year ago, Newsweek obtained and then declined to publish records they obtained about Donald Trump’s medical history as part of a larger article about the President. Best-selling New York Times author Kurt Eichenwald took hold of that information and published himself under “fair use” terms, and because it is in the public interest to know what was in those records — especially considering the fact that Trump represented himself during the campaign as having had one doctor, Harold Bornstein, since 1980… and the uncovered medical history shows that was false.

The letter provided by Dr. Bornstein during the campaign said that there were no major medical issues with Donald Trump during that entire period — which would reflect a span of 36 years at the time of the letter’s issue. Later, however, Dr. Bornstein would come to say that Trump had written that letter himself, perhaps because he didn’t want to be 


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