E = MC2

Have you considered Einstein’s famous equation from a spiritual perspective?

Energy = Mass x C(Speed of Light squared)

This means that if you hold a 6 oz orange in your hand, the energy within it equals 6 oz. times the speed of light squared.  In other words, an astronomical quantity.  In an orange.

So why does it take so much effort to move a 2 ton automobile a mile down the road?  Or for older people, who know who they would really like to be, to make real character changes?

It’s because we’re made of the same energy as the car.  How can energy move energy?

We’re all the same.  You, I, the car, the earth, stars, space.  Molecules are all made of atoms.  Atoms are all made of protons, neutrons and electrons, and quarks and etc.

We’re all made of the same.  And atomic physicists have discovered that at some point, it is not possible to determine whether a particle is a wave or a particle.

We’re all made of energy.  So….. what’s the difference between us?  And If I put my hand on your shoulder and lean on it, why doesn’t my hand just pass through you so that I fall down?

It’s quite mysterious.  But there’s nothing separating us.  That’s why we all love, hurt, miss, cry, sleep, yearn.  That’s why you can’t threaten anyone without enclosing yourself in a similar threat.

That’s why we’re all God, but not.

This is what I believe.

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