How to Sustain Action without Falling into Catatonic Trances

Figured something out. I’ve been constrained from the needed all-out action in Reiki and clowning by some inchoate obstacle, and that has become apparent as a failure to understand how Reiki and clowning fit into my commitment to world peace. Well, that’s not to hard to figure out, at least the first few steps. First, get moving in both projects, and then while doing so, think about how to structure my Reiki and clowning as Barclay so as to have the biggest world peace-conducive impact on my clients and audiences. And perhaps that may involve less specific structuring than I immediately imagined. Perhaps the biggest impact in my practices for world peace would be to simply appeal to and support people in imagining and being the most empowered and loving human beings they possibly could be. After all, who am I to think I know some specific direction to prod them into?

Other recent directions: forgiving myself in the moment; remembering that I want to be a loving person all the time, not just when it’s circumstantially convenient; reframing self-care as loving activity, rather than submission to invisible coercive forces (now that Mom is gone).

Have some fucking fun!  Geezum.



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