What Are You, A Martian?

I’m willing to try to explain almost anything.      W

Sha____, seriously?  What are you, a Martian?  The illusion of separation is still an illusion, no matter how hard you cling to it.  We are interdependent, and there’s no way around it.

The shared perspective involves sensory perception and consciousness.  We all have emotional and kinesthetic (touch) feelings, we all see forms and images, we all hear sounds and language, we all taste and smell.  Arising from perception and consciousness, there are hunger and thirst, and other profound needs that we all have.

Sure there’s nothing wrong in thinking you can ask for whatever you need whenever you want to without any cultural guidelines for reciprocity, if you’re willing to accept the ceaseless damage to your relationships this is going to cause, and very often damage to yourself.

You want to say there’s no shared perspective?  Then why did people unknown to any of your family members call to inform us of your dramatic and incoherent struggles in _____land?  The basis of their call to us was the shared perspective of a threat to well being emerging from your behavior:  your well being, and their well being.  This threat, once discussed, was an instant shared experience, even though no one out here had ever had prior contact with those folks.  There was no extensive exploration period required to understand it.

Sha____, a lot of people in your situation have one option:  find some kind of paid work.  Unfortunately this doesn’t always succeed no matter how assiduously we try to keep working, we have seen that with P___, among many others.  This is definitely a flaw in our culture, but we still have to try in the absence of another option.  The reasons we must try are coercion through universal land and resource “ownership”, law enforcement, and homelessness and/or prison.  Yes this sucks and propagates injustice, but it’s still the way it is.  There is another category of people, dependents (children, elders and the disabled), among whom you and I number, who have another option, which is to receive some kind of support from others; in our case, disability payments.  It’s not quite proven in your case, but I’m pretty confident.

Yes, there are charity and the gifts of others, but almost none of these options come without a requirement of reciprocity, and even if they do come without that requirement, the freedom from it usually doesn’t last very long before a requirement or request begins to be made (which is the moment moochers tend to split……).

These are the rock bottom common features of life on earth, Sha____.  I mean, honestly, there’s one more option, which is to be a completely self-sustaining hermit living outside of human knowledge, but that’s not you or I.

So, are you a Martian, or a Terrestrial (i.e., human)?

And what are you going to do about it?  Seems like you’re running out of options.  It’s sure not working to keep asking/demanding money from your family.  Did Sy____ come through on their “promise” yet?  It seems to me that breaking one’s word is an option everyone has.  And if you want, you can invalidate them and say they’re wrong in some way, but there’s another interpretation, which is to understand that the promising person decided that abandoning the integrity of their word was less damaging than staying in relationship with you.  And you can pretend to not understand that until you die, if you want.  The thing that sucks about that is you usually die sooner if the people around you feel this way with any frequency.

What are you going to do?  Keep it secret if you want, but that will prevent me from being any support to you.  We are interdependent.



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