Where’s Lucy?

Well, perhaps the time has come.  I have shared this seldom, so most will not know that the political articles I’ve been posting here were merely placeholders for the time when I would be ready to write.

One of the main purported reasons I have been delaying is because so much has happened since I first decided I needed a blog, and in the decade(s) before then, that it might be impossible to unpack it all.  Just for a few highlights, I’ve been evicted at least three times, fired three, robbed, mugged, swindled — and the stolen bicycle count is over 13 now.  Time to talk, perhaps.  Meanwhile, teeth were decaying one day as I lay in my red Dodge van with a lame 7th cylinder, baking in a supermarket parking lot in July 2009.  I had cracked the rear French doors open, in hopes that a breeze from the driver window would wick away just a little of my sweat.  I heard a teenage boy exclaim as he and his family walked past me, unaware of my audience:  “Look Mom, it’s the Down By the River Van!”  I did know who Chris Farley was, but had no familiarity with his famous skit.  Nonetheless, I had a sinking feeling, the feeling…… of tooth decay.  Soon enough I would learn this feeling had metastasized to include leukemia.

Okay, chemo tomorrow, and I’ve been late to the clinic too often.

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