I posted about this before, but it’s so important, I thought it worth a revisit.

IN CASE YOU MISSED IT, THE EXISTENCE OF SASQUATCH HAS BEEN DEFINITIVELY PROVEN. They are very strong, can run extremely quickly, do not need fire to survive, and seem to have a precise and piercing psychic capability that assists them in evading homo sapiens, who are probably their number one problem (even though we also provide unwitting support to them on many occasions).
You may well have not been aware of this scientific achievement from 2013 because the bias resistance to acknowledging Sasquatch has prevented it from getting the public attention it deserves, despite segments on Fox News and ABC with Dr. Melba Ketchum, the leader of the Sasquatch Genome Project’s scientific team. The elites don’t really have to worry about assassinating any one or anything like that, just because scientists are generally scared shitless about potential damage to their reputations. Most of them won’t touch it, except one guy who’s so famous he’s not afraid of anything (I think his name is Dr. David Swenson.).
The real problem with acknowledging the existence of Sasquatch has to do with money, of course. Their habitat is everywhere in the continental U.S. If you consider the many many millions spent in managing the habitat of the grizzly bear, whose possible habitat, along with that of Coyote, ranks next but far behind that of Sasquatch, you can understand the potential economic liability of allowing their inclusion in public knowledge and consent.
The whole Sasquatch genome has been sequenced three times. Their mitochondrial (maternal) DNA is human, but their nuclear DNA, which includes the paternally derived material, is not shared with ANY other species of record. The Sasquatch are a novel species; they are a people. This is so wonderful, but it also presents another obstacle to disseminating the proof, because a Sasquatch corpse has never been found or produced, and to kill one would be murder (even though, of course, there are a number of idiots trying).

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