NFL Cheerleaders Demand Fair Treatment

NFL cheerleaders march on the NFL bosses

Attorney Gloria Allred stands among former Houston Texans cheerleaders, from left, Ashley Rodriguez, Morgan Wiederhold, Kelly Neuner, Hannah Turnbow, and Ainsley Parish, right, while holding up a shirt printed with $7.25, the amount she says the former cheerleaders where paid per hour, at a press conference Friday, June 1 in Humble, Texas. | Melissa Phillip / Houston Chronicle via AP

Let’s talk a bit more about football (I can’t help myself).

Trump’s “Celebration of America” event was absurd and laughable at best—let’s leave the Fourth of July in place. White House staffers had to fill in empty spots in the crowd, a few proud Eagles’ fans showed up, one guy took a knee, and the “ultra-patriot” president couldn’t remember the lyrics of “God Bless America.”

That’s all I’m going to say about that event.

Today, I want to talk about a group of NFL employees who are taking direct, collective action against the low pay, hostile work environments, and discrimination that league bosses and owners conveniently ignore: NFL Cheerleaders.

Four former Houston Texans cheerleaders marched into

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