Where the Cracks Could Go from the Hammer Blow

This article, and the droll candidness of Chloe Sevigny are prompting me to reconsider impeachment for Trump.  It has been my concern that Mike Pence’s escalation would be even worse than what we’re seeing now, but on the other hand, what we’re seeing now may ruin us …. faster?  ….. harder? than anything we’ve had before, and if we can take Trump down, perhaps Pence might want to behave himself a little.    W

The Observer view on Trump’s folly in risking not just peace in the Middle East

Observer editorialMay 5, 2018

Unless he experiences a sudden, unexpected change of heart, Donald Trump will reactivate US sanctions on Iran next week and, by doing so, attempt to wreck the west’s landmark 2015 nuclear agreement with Tehran. The likely negative consequences of Trump’s decision, if confirmed, are wide-ranging and extremely serious.

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The Observer

The full or partial restoration of two sets of unilateral, pre-2015 American banking, financial and other sanctions would significantly undermine the moderate leadership of Iran’s president, Hassan Rouhani. Before his landslide re-election victory last year, Rouhani promised voters much-needed economic renewal in exchange for maintaining the nuclear-related curbs. Now his hardline opponents are poised to strike.

The destabilising of Iran, consequent on what would be seen there as an overt act of American aggression, could trigger a broader destabilisation of the Middle East. Predominantly Shia, Persian Iran is engaged in a fierce contest for power and influence with the Sunni Arab world, led by Saudi Arabia. If Trump, allied with Riyadh and Cairo, goes on the offensive, this rivalry may escalate as Iran inevitably reacts – with unforeseeable ramifications in places such as Yemen and Bahrain.

One concern is that Iran’s clerical establishment, led by the supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, will revive a nuclear

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