I Need Another Car ASAP

Dear BlogFriends:

You may know I have pretty heavy medical issues with kidney failure and dialysis, as well as a type of lymphoma called CLL, and my trusty Subaru Outback has died.  It was a reasonably dignified death, in harness on the road with no harmful loss of control, though the shoulder was dangerously slim on an uphill curve.

Anyway, I live in Brattleboro, VT, and if you live within 50 miles of me, and if you become aware of one of the following makes and model years available under 120,000 m. on the ODO, would you please let me know at soulipsis [at] G Mai L [dot]com.  THANKS!

Looking for Subaru Forester, Outback, Impreza Hatchback 2010 and earlier
Toyota RAV4 2007-2012
Toyota Matrix 2003-2008
Pontiac Vibe 2003-2008
Honda CRV 2004-2008 (manual is optimal, but that’s not a deal breaker)
I need 4WD
No dealers please.



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