On the Threshold of War

If the U.S. leadership thinks another Gulf of Tonkin incident will result in another Vietnam war, then the U.S. is not going to continue to survive as it exists today.   Russia has the technology to stop us, AND THEY HOLD THE MORAL HIGH GROUND AND MOST OF THE REST OF THE WORLD KNOWS IT.  

And you and I know it.  Make sure your friends and family are aware.  A good place to start is Vladmir Putin’s speeches and interviews.  Read them.  Don’t take the media’s word for it that he’s some sort of madman.  I promise you, you’ll suddenly remember what it feels like to be with another adult in the Political Room.  If you didn’t get it before, or if you were wondering, now you’ll have confirmation of just how slick and hollow Obama was.

The demonization of Putin is the same trick they pulled concerning Saddam Hussein and Moammar Gaddafi.  Saddam was killing his own people!!  Yeah, well, according to Wikpedia, the Ba’ath Party in Iraq killed about 330,000 Iraqis from about 1958-2003.  That’s quite a number, but put it alongside the number of Iraqis killed by the U.S. from 1991 to 2006 (perhaps as many as 1.5 million) and it takes on a different proportion.

Then take a look at what Libya was like.  They had the #1 UN Human Development Index rating in Africa at the time of the NATO invasion.  Free education and healthcare, free electricity, $0.14 per gallon gas, free vocational training.  Gaddafi had a commitment to modern housing for all Libyans, and made his own parents live in tents until his commitment was complete.  What does Libya have now?

And then there’s the disgrace of the American domestic scene, with so much homelessness and incarceration, and the condition of the American Indian, whose sacred traditions have so much to offer the world.  Yet so many of us still believe the U.S. is the “exceptional” country, as Obama said.  Exceptional at what, I wonder.

Russia knows all of this.  And they’re not going to take any more shit in Syria.  We’ve got less cred than Turkey in Russian eyes.


On the Threshhold of War

Paul Craig Roberts

April 10, 2018

“There was NO chemical attack by Syria. … I would bet my life on it.”

The author is a former Assistant Secretary for the Treasury in the Reagan administration, and former editor at the Wall Street Journal and Businessweek.

As Americans we must face the possibility that we have a criminally insane government in Washington that is leading the world to destruction.

A Russian Government Press Release:

False information is being planted about the alleged use of chlorine and other toxic agents by the Syrian government forces. The latest fake news about a chemical attack on Douma was reported yesterday. These reports are again referenced to the notorious White Helmets, which have been proved more than once to be working hand in glove with the terrorists, as well as to other pseudo-humanitarian organizations headquartered in the UK and the US.

We recently warned of the possibility of such dangerous provocations. The goal of these absolutely unsubstantiated lies is to protect the terrorists and the irreconcilable radical opposition that has rejected a political settlement, as well as to justify the possible use of force by external actors.

We have to say once again that military interference in Syria, where Russian forces have been deployed at the request of the legitimate government, under contrived and false pretexts is absolutely unacceptable and can lead to very grave consequences.

This is John Helmer’s interpretation of the warning:

When the rule of law was destroyed in Salisbury, London, and the Hague, and the rule of fraud declared in Washington, that leaves only the rule of force in the world.

The Stavka (the high command of the Russian armed forces), met in Moscow on April 6 and

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