AbSO-LUTE-ly FASCINATING. Sasquatch’s Existence Proven. I Kid You Not.

Do you want to see something fascinating?  Apparently an irregular group of highly accomplished professionals in a variety of fields has proven the existence of Sasquatch, and is now fighting against the cultural bias that doesn’t want to know.  Which is actually not hard to understand once you think about it.  The furry people are in every state, and they’re obviously people.  They have families and language.  Their mitochondrial DNA is 100% human.  The nuclear DNA, however — paternal  — is a completely unknown species.  No match to anything, anywhere.  So habitat preservation could run in the trillion$, and you couldn’t wipe them out, after what happened to the American Indian, people wouldn’t stand for it.
The problem is no body to show.  We have bones, hair, footprints, video, but the SSQ are so stealthy and intelligent, no one has a body.  Of course here are — uhh — people — trying to get one with guns and bear traps.  But the SSQ Genome team understands that would be unethical — murder.
Here’s their 2 hour press conference — JUST fascinating.

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