Why Government Funding and Sponsorship of Some Institutions Are Indispensable

From NakedCapitalism.com:

[M]any projects are best undertaken by government, such as infrastructure that will serve as the foundation for growth, basic research, or other projects where the time frames are too long, the payoffs too ambiguous, or the resource mobilization too great to make sense for the private sector.  (http://bit.ly/2n5OAMt)

Services and projects that meet these criteria are Legal Aid Corporation, Meals On Wheels, Head Start, water and sewer system services, healthcare services, among many others.  If these services and projects are ignored by government or allocated to the profit-seeking private sector, basic human needs will go unmet.  Profit seeking behavior naturally seeks to pay less for labor and materials, and provide less value while charging more.  This model is unsustainable for meeting the most basic vital human needs.

The rhetoric of profit seeking avoids distinguishing between needs and desires, which are profoundly different.  Desires can be let go of and forgotten if they are not fulfilled, with little if any harm accruing.  Unmet needs cannot be forgotten, and if the failure to meet needs persists for too long, irreparable physical, emotional and spiritual damage may occur, resulting in degradation, disability and death.

American and generally global elite culture insists that profit is more important than preventing such damages.  Profit is financial gain that accrues after costs and investments have been recovered.  In other words, to them, gravy is more important than whether your child can thrive in school and develop professional-level skill sets, or whether an abused spouse can obtain legal and social remedial services that allow her and her children to live in safety and dignity.  Shorter:  their desires are more important than your needs.

The attacks by the Trump administration on these basic social needs are catastrophic in scope and nature.  If we can stop him and Bannon, that would be good.

But we better address the system that put him in place, because neither Hillary Clinton, Tim Kaine nor Mike Pence would reverse these trends.  The Democrats might not precipitate such radical damage as what is going on now, but they would not reverse the basic developmental direction of our elite-captured establishment.

We must change the system, not just the personnel.


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