American Healthcare Daily Horrors — This Cannot Go On

by Mr. Anne Dev

American Healthcare system micro-aggressions, or death by a thousand cuts


Before I get into the whole topic here, I should mention that this isn’t about being against ACA/Obamacare, Healthcare in general, or anything of that sort. It’s just a story about a broken system.

When I first read into the healthcare system in the US, I was pretty taken aback by some of the horror stories: health insurances refusing to pay for life-saving procedures, people getting massive bills for simple procedures, and overall, getting fucked over (excuse my language). But, every system has horror stories. Socialized medicine often gets crap for having long queues, poor management, and so on.

The problem with horror stories is the extreme. And I want to talk about the “norm”. In particular, I want to talk about the norm of those around me which means I only have anecdotal experience that seems to be pretty damned consistent.

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