My Editor Letter Re: GMOs in Hannaford’s House-Prepped Foods

Letter: The right thing to do

Editor of the Reformer:

In failing to receive responses from Hannaford’s to my feedback cards, I think I need to bring my concerns to a wider audience.

I’ve been very disappointed in their house-made foods, which would be very convenient if they were better, since I shop there for groceries so often. Especially the grab’n’go stuff near the cold chicken fails to impress every time. I’ve returned two sandwiches, and never buy them anymore, while the fried chicken batter has no flavor on my palate, just a greasy taste.

But what is truly disturbing to me is I know Hannaford’s uses GMOs in all their house-prepared foods. I guess they missed the gigantic tumors on rats in the Seralini study, during which the animals were fed GMOs for two years ( I know Hannaford’s uses GMO ingredients because there were warning labels on their deli service dishes and the muffin case when the Vermont labeling law was in effect.

I’m sad about this because I generally like the store. The atmosphere feels nice, and I always appreciate the high level of service from their employees. In contrast, the presence of GMOs in the house foods sends one or maybe both of two very different messages. Either Hannaford’s shares the general toxic corporate attitude that citizens are farm animals who exist only to serve profit, and/or they’re just not very well-informed about the impact of food quality on health. I’m sorry to say this, but I don’t know what else to think.

So I just don’t buy any of their house prepped goods unless the cold natural chickens are on sale. I wish I could buy more prepared foods there, but I’d have to be suicidal to act differently. I hope they switch to GMO free ingredients — it would be the right thing to do.

Wat Stearns,

West Brattleboro, Jan. 23

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