Trump’s Cabinet Selections Show the Question Is Not DID the Establishment Manipulate the Election, but How?

I have a theory that the mainstream media knew perfectly well already during the campaign that it was distrusted by a cresting tide of many demographics.  So well, in fact, that they did a reverse psyop by backing Clinton, thereby manipulating millions more to vote Trump.
However Trump campaigned, if you just look at his cabinet selections, you know that the Establishment has triumphed once again.  So the question isn’t if they manipulated the process in their own interests once again, but how they did it.
Greg Palast has shown that the NGO called CrossCheck purged millions from the voter rolls in a way that favored Republicans, using non-existent “voter fraud” as a pretext.  That takes time and planning.  It all fits together rather nicely, doesn’t it?

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