Support for Muslim Americans

Dear Folks:

One of the traditional strengths of the U.S. has been secular government, in which religion was not considered a criterion for citizenship or the establishment of civil rights.  This wise policy choice has allowed the U.S. to avoid the religious wars which caused so much harm and suffering for centuries in Europe.  Perhaps I should specify “internal religious wars”, but that’s a big can of worms that wouldn’t help this little blog post.

Our secularist tradition is under attack by forces gathering under the auspices of the Trump administration, and I want to respond by supporting my fellow Americans who are Muslims.

The first thing I want to do is visit the mosque nearest me, which is in Amherst, MA.  They have prayers at 1pm on Fridays, and the website says all are welcome.  The Hampshire Mosque meets for prayers in the Woodbury Room at the Jones Library until a building they have bought is ready.  The next one is Friday, November 25, what a great way to spend Blauuurgggghhhk Friday!

If any of you would like to join me, I would be so pleased!


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