Protesting Whom….. Why?

I would just like to say, protesting Trump only doesn’t make sense to me now.  I think it’s time to protest the system that produced two such potentially harmful candidates as Trump and Clinton, and then marginalized two third parties and a much more viable and useful Democrat, Sanders, in the primary.

The system that constantly is striving to divide us to prevent us from uniting in the name of peace and beauty.  For instance, witness the difference in treatment of the Bundy interlopers at the Malheur Wildlife Refuge in comparison to the treatment of Occupy and the Water Protectors at Sacred Stone Camp.  That is a clear effort to drive a strategic wedge between people whose interests should actually be uniting them against the common problem, which is the toxically hyperindividualistic elite faction that seeks to turn our world into a slave planet.

The Koch Brothers, George Soros, Sheldon Adelson, Pete Peterson, the billionaires who maintain hatred in their hearts and attempt to manipulate us into adopting their hatreds.  These are the people at whom our protests should be directed.

Trump, and the Obusha brothers who came before him, are merely the hired managers for the project.  It is important to address them on policy matters, but we must seek to change the system that put them in place.


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