Thoughts on Trump Speech and Nov. 8 Election

Well, Hillary has completely disqualified herself.  Her criminality, dishonesty, greed and corruption are completely and irrefutably revealed in the various hacked and leaked materials available from Wikileaks and many other sources.  Would we really inaugurate someone who is undergoing an FBI investigation that was closed, and then reopened due to new evidence arising?  Someone whose failed foreign policy has resulted in endless disasters in the Middle East, which we are watching as they continue to unfold?  Hundreds of thousands killed, millions homeless.  Does anyone think Mrs. Clinton would achieve different results with more power?

BTW, in millions of pieces of data leaked, not one, NOT ONE Wikileaks release has been shown or proven to be altered or corrupted in any way.

And Trump does say some important and healthy things, especially concerning foreign policy, i.e., NATO is obsolete, and there’s nothing to be gained from war with Russia or China.

And he’s been treated improperly by the mainstream press, who have a total Clinton bias, as shown in previous posts on this blog, including the report from providing a list of 65 mainstream media personalities who have acted as verbatim mouthpieces for the HRC campaign, literally accepting written campaign materials and passing them on as reporting.

But I still can’t vote for Trump.  In just the first five minutes of the video below, he promises to remove fracking restrictions, as well as to simultaneously reduce taxes and the national debt.  Pray tell me, how does one reduce debt while reducing revenues at the same time?  Hasn’t that been tried before?  Or promised, and then abandoned immediately upon election?

I’ll have to vote for Jill Stein.  I won’t write Bernie in, I think he’s a fraud.


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