Director of Kissinger Assoc.: US Must Abandon Futile Effort to Isolate Russia

Next US President Must Abandon Futile Effort to Isolate Russia


WASHINGTON (Sputnik) — Russia will remain a great power, Graham explained, with such assets as a world class diplomatic corps, its conventional military forces and great resources as well as its enormous territory and strategic location across Eurasia.

Besides, Graham pointed out, the United States has benefited from cooperation with Russia in many fields including non-proliferation efforts, fighting international terrorism and toppling the Taliban.

“We cannot contain or isolate Russia nor is it our interest to do so,” Graham stated on Thursday. “The task is to construct a balance of competition and cooperation.”

It is beyond US ability, Graham claimed, even with its allies, to isolate another major power like Russia.

Graham is a former special advisor to President George W. Bush, worked as a foreign service officer at the US Embassy in Moscow, and is now managing director of Kissinger Associates.


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