Heads Up: Serious Mercury Retrograde Coming Tuesday; Expect Clarity Challenges for Three Weeks

Mercury turns retrograde on Tuesday at the teetering 29th degree of Virgo.  The planet is conjunct benefits Venus and Jupiter, but all three bodies clash with the Moon in Gemini today.

Things will clarify tomorrow as the Moon moves deeper into her home sign, Cancer, resolving the conflict.

Remember Venus is loving and Jupiter forgiving. This would be a good time for positive communication of any kind. Think (Mercury) highly (Jupiter) and well (Venus). Say something nice?

This is also a good time to share (Jupiter) your ideas (Mercury) which may be sweet in some way (Venus).  This situation holds all weekend. If you get into this, you’ll likely not get into the mutable T-square problems out there.

It’s sort of like choosing to write a love letter rather than attend a riot.

Learn more about this unusually challenging Mercury retrograde period starting on August 30thBye, Bye Clarity.

Also, this is super important.  There’s a Solar Eclipse in Virgo on September 1st.  I’m sure you will read all kinds of terrifying stuff about it. Fact is, most of us can make terrific bank with this energy. Learn how, here – Earthquake – Great Opportunity.
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