It’s Not Too Late for a Change of Heart, Bernie

Dear Senator Sanders:

You have deeply discredited yourself by surrendering to the corrupt Democrats.
But it is not too late.  We, the people believed in you because we thought you were authentic.
Maybe we were right.  But you have to prove it to us.
You must decide to do the courageous thing and make an arrangement with Jill Stein and the Green party.
You have to say to the American people “You know what, I’ve been making a terrible mistake since the convention, and I admit it, and I’m going to do everything in my power to make it up to you, and to finish this revolution, which my endorsement of Clinton so badly undermined.  I apologize, please forgive me, and let’s get back down to business.’
It’s not too late for this.  There is risk of assassination, and great sacrifice for your family.  But only you could do it.
Senator Sanders, we must consummate the revolution that you initiated now.  2020 is too late.  You are too old, and Trump might and Clinton would definitely get us into a war with other great powers who would at the very least mortally damage the United States.  In addition, the U.S. foreign policy, both economic and military, has been so abusive for so long that our lists of competitors and enemies have grown to the point that our global position is in serious decline.  I think that if the dollar loses its place as global reserve currency, then we will have to start paying our national debt, and that would be a very big problem, not least since the country has been economically hollowed out by capitalistic predators.  Am I correct?
As you must also be aware, the United States has developed a deep infrastructure of domestic repression of which the public is almost entirely unaware.  National Security Presidential Directive No. 51, signed by G.W. Bush, provides for the President to “coordinate” the other two branches of government.  What kind of government would that be if the Federal Legislative and Judicial Branches became subordinate to the Executive?
Further, the 2012 NDAA, which you pointedly did not vote for, empowers the Army to arrest Americans on home soil for indefinite detention without trial.  The 4th Amendment has been mostly if not entirely vitiated.  The surveillance infrastructure is near total.  Almost no one knows about the 77 “fusion centers” which coordinate local, state and federal law enforcement resources.  I believe these centers are meant to fulfill a gruesome function for which the time has not yet arrived.  But it would appear that time may not be far in the future.  Persistent rumors of detention camps seem well founded, due to this leaked Army procedure manual for running them:
These developments, and the heinous discussion of “waste people” behind the closed doors of the elite, would seem to foreshadow great harm to great numbers of Americans who do not have jobs and are currently dependent upon public resources.  Almost all of these people would be upstanding contributors to their communities if their jobs had not been taken away.  People must have employment in order to use their natural gifts of energy and talent.  If they don’t have it, or if not enough people in their families have it, they despair, and turn to either public or self-destruction, which is why we have such a terrible drug epidemic today.
What if there were an unsuccessful war, most of our foreign bases were closed, the Army came home, and there were no “public resources” “left” to support the people who have been marginalized by the financialized, “free trade” economy?
What if people had no houses to sell because half of our homeowners had been evicted due to the epidemic of securities and foreclosure fraud that caused the 2008 recession and is still happening despite the settlements between the government and the banks?  The other half own houses that are underwater, and the markets will be nonexistent due to reasons above.  People won’t even have cars to sell, the subprime loan swindle has been repeated in the auto markets.
I think the 0.01% are ready for these scenarios.  They have transferred most of the wealth held by the public to themselves.  They want to steal the Social Security Trust and kill off organized labor once and for all.  If the national debt is called in — wouldn’t they find a way to use the Trust for that?  And who would win that one?  Bondholders, yes?
And if all this weren’t enough, then there’s the fact that individual and family bank depositors are now legally classified as “unsecured creditors”, which I think means in case of economic collapse the $500 trillion pyramid of derivatives owned by “counterparties” will be required to be paid off before people’s savings accounts are released.
I think you are the only person who can save us from these catastrophes.
But you and your family must decide to make the sacrifice.
I beg you to do it.  I would do it for you if I could, but I do not have the position, renown, credibility, skill sets, character and health to pull it off.  Who has these things?  ONLY YOU.
Please rescind your catastrophic endorsement of the totally corrupt, evil and dangerous Hillary Clinton, and resume your campaign for the Presidency.
Thank you for your attention,

Wat Stearns
86 South St. #102
Brattleboro, VT  05301

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