Most Recent Medical Experience

About six years since my diagnosis, dialysis has become routine but lymphoma is hard to pin down.  I am finding the various Dartmouth departments do not communicate that well, I’m almost like a messenger between them when I have consecutive appointments.  I find professionals who have been countermanded suddenly become very vague, while I still have f***ing cancer.
Dartmouth seems to be buying hospitals, which is OK I guess as a corporate strategy if you make snackfoods, but I don’t think this is good.  I was admitted to Bratt Mem Hospital for one day about a year ago when I had a potassium incident (endemic to kidney fail), and the thing that stuck out to me was that all the medical staff were running around like headless chickens on amphetamines, and it seems to me this would be the result of MBAs taking over the executive function at hospitals, who worship “efficiency” rather than genuine customer service — or medical care as we used to call it.  The doctors and nurses have no time to engage in the healing relationship with patients — squeeze, inject and GO!  As if things weren’t enough of a disaster just at street level as it stands.

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