A Homeless Man

Steel yourself for the picture in this shark finning petition.  Please sign and share.
Tuesday I learned a homeless man in our community committed suicide.  He was only about 25, and I didn’t like him very much.  I have shrunk from him so many times on the street.  But how can I do that, when I was myself homeless more than once?  Thank God I was able to remain independent because I had a van and a friend who would let me park in his driveway.  But I hate to be asked for money on the street.  Jeremiah was his name.  For the three and a half years I’ve been here, Jeremiah was always homeless and he looked progressively worse as each month went by.  A couple of years ago his facial complexion developed a red splotchiness.  And of course he was miserable, and of course I knew this, but I had an excuse from doing anything about it because these problems are so widespread and intractable.  And now I feel like a shit and I’m looking for a memorial for him to go to.  Wow, I’m such a participant.  Meanwhile, there are dozens of others in similar situations in Brattleboro.  I’ve been wanting to volunteer for something for a while, perhaps I’ll try the Groundworks Collective, the local homeless advocacy organization.  Meanwhile, it takes everything I have to try to deal with my medical situation, and I haven’t even touched my garden plot all spring.

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