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A couple of people have commented they wish they could see more of my original writing, like what I put up about my days in NYC.  I want that too, but there’s a blossom of consciousness that I can’t get at very often that is required.  If I am able to get a handle on my lymphoma again so that it’s not constantly putting me on the verge of hysteria and then put down some serious meditation discipline, perhaps I will be able to open up that mystical yet street level voice that is so appealing.  As I say, I would like to do it, the conditions just seem difficult to assemble.

Meanwhile, once in a while my political posts do attract a lot of attention.  I had over 50 views on the piece about ballot counting fraud in Massachusetts, which was quite satisfying.

I hope everyone is coming to the conclusion that the parasitic elite are so brutally lacking in conscience and so determined to harden the economic structures that keep everyone else from assembling what we need to fulfill ourselves, that the elite project against us is now an actual historical emergency.  If we don’t break them back soon, we are going to be living in a hell world we can’t change for a very long time.  The abuse of poultry workers by denying bathroom breaks such that they need diapers, and the millions of murders during the endless succession of U.S. wars of aggression creating failed state after failed state, these are not chance concatenations of horrific events and circumstances.  These things actually tell us the true character of the leadership of this planet, which will not change unless such changes are forced by the collective conscious action of humanity as a whole.  I’m talkin’ you, and me.

Electing Bernie would be a good step.  One of the other articles that garnered quite a bit of attention was the discussion of Bernie’s chances going into the Dem Convention after Indiana.  Here’s another strong post by the same author on the same subject:  The mainstream media, who are so stilted in Clinton’s favor, continuously mislead us to give the impression that Bernie has no chance, but this is not true.  He still has a strong chance to go into the convention tied or even slightly ahead of Hillary in committed delegates.

So I hope you will 1) donate more to Bernie than you were planning to do before you read this; 2) work a shift at a Bernie phone bank at least twice before the convention; and 3) raise hell when and wherever possible about the anti-democracy of the superdelegates, and let’s find a way to make it politically impossible for the oligarchy to countermand the will of the general voting public.

Meanwhile, pray also for me to turn that corner in the bodysoul that will unleash my true creativity into the blogosphere.


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