Barclay and Clown Soiree

We had a Clown Soiree last Tuesday, and Barclay was able share publicly for the first time about the kind of girl he thinks he would like.  Someone with the right kind of pajamas, who knows how to play backgammon.  He also shared one of the dearest songs in his heart of hopes and dreams, Up Up with People.  He’s not that great at PR.  His media work….. could use a little work.  But check out all the clowns who have his back!  Barclay will be with you again….. and again….. before you know it.

From left to right, the clowns are Pistachio, Sir William Hollis Collins Peabody-Penfold IV, Millie, Barclay, Bunko, Miss Worthington, and Barbara.  Barclay and Barbara both happen to be from NY, though it would be understandable if you thought Barclay were just from wherever his mother happens to be.


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