Dem Debate Yesterday

It was interesting to learn a bit more about Chafee and O’Malley.  O’Malley appears to have been another tough-on-crime mayor who got elected to clean things up in Baltimore, which he seems to have done by putting more black people in the jails that Bill Clinton built, rather than addressing socioeconomic root causes.  As a New Yorker, this gives me nauseating shadow reminders of Giuliani.

I was also relieved to hear Bernie overtly condemning Henry Kissinger, while Hillary’s open admiration for that ghoulish former Secretary of State only served to grimly confirm what her record in Honduras, Libya and elsewhere already demonstrates about her:  that she is the worst kind of bloodthirsty hawk.  See here for a quick (and conservative) recital of more than 4,000,000 murders directly or indirectly precipitated by Kissinger during his decades of influence.

The sad part about Thursday’s exchange is that most peoples’ failure to understand why Clinton’s appreciation of H.K. would portend a more dangerous future for us if she were elected, plus Bernie’s not-so-great handling of those moments of the debate, amounts to the likelihood of more votes accruing to HRC.  From the sly look on Clinton’s face, I think she knew it too.

I don’t know who actually gained the most from the whole evening.  I haven’t found many media outlets, conventional or alternative, who have been giving reliably unbiased assessments of these debates.  There’s so much at stake, and due to Clinton’s meretriciousness and the generally poor quality of mainstream media reporting about her record, and then Bernie’s national image being relatively unformed, it seems like a real seesaw between them now.  I just hope people are intuitively repulsed by HRC’s constant invocation of the first person in comparison to Bernie’s much better balanced discussion of our needs as a whole nation. Her campaign seems to be about…… her.  I sure don’t like it.


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