Congratulations New Hampshire

Congrats to all of us that Bernie Sanders has been selected in NH for the Dem nomination.  With 80% of precincts reporting, Sanders has received 60% to Clinton’s 38%.  So rather than the shoo-in to which Mrs. Clinton has obviously felt she is entitled due to a cronyistic agreement occurring exclusively within the mostly self-interested political class, she is now having to fight for her political life against someone who is authentically connected to the grassroots, much more numerous and powerful.  It seems that the political class had pretty much decided they were independent and didn’t need the people any more, and that the people noticed the separation and have decided upon their own course.  Heaven help Bernie Sanders if he turns out to be another bait-and-switch candidate like Obama.

Add this to the ultra-narrow Clinton victory in Iowa, which appears to have been achieved only with some cheating, and there is now great doubt that Hillary’s firewall in South Carolina will hold.  May the Force break it so.

If Martin O’Malley had as of yesterday still not understood his place in this race, perhaps that has been made clear by the fact that the number voting for a write-in candidate was three times the number voting for him.

President – Dem Primary
February 09, 2016 – 11:35PM ET
New Hampshire – 241 of 300 Precincts Reporting – 80%
Name Party Votes Vote %
Sanders, Bernie Dem 119,794 60%
Clinton, Hillary Dem 76,965 38%
Total Write-ins Dem 1,661 1%
O’Malley, Martin Dem 492 0%
Supreme, Vermin Dem 202 0%
Thistle, David Dem 184 0%
Schwass, Graham Dem 95 0%
Burke, Steve Dem 82 0%
De La Fuente, Rocky Dem 81 0%
Kelso, Lloyd Dem 65 0%
Adams, Jon Dem 60 0%
Wolfe, John Dem 43 0%
Judd, Keith Dem 34 0%
Elbot, Eric Dem 27 0%
Locke, Star Dem 23 0%
French, Bill Dem 21 0%
Hutton, Brock Dem 21 0%
O’Donnell, Edward Dem 21 0%
Greenstein, Mark Stewart Dem 20 0%
Lovitt, Robert Dem 19 0%
Valentine, James Dem 19 0%
Lipscomb, Steven Dem 17 0%
Hewes, Henry Dem 16 0%
Steinberg, Michael Dem 15 0%
Sloan, Sam Dem 13 0%
Sonnino, Edward Dem 13 0%
McGaughey, Bill Dem 10 0%
Moroz, Raymond Dem 7 0%
Weil, Richard Dem 7 0%

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