Lying on the lawn near my home, a large, beautiful blue airship passes over.  I was frightened at first, but no harm.  It had massive headlights and was powered by a forward-facing propeller as it skimmed just under the clouds.  I may have thought it were of alien origin.

Then I was in — Argentina? — walking down a street, looking for something.  Or perhaps I only became aware of this search when a transcendent being flew by me shouting voicelessly “I live by nothing!  I live by nothing!”  I couldn’t see his face or his legs, but his striking blue torso was decorated in a powerful pattern of blue, white and black spots.  There was a red headband and belt.

Then I was at the seashore, looking for a specially powerful little girl who lived by nothing in the forest.  I passed boys playing soccer, and passed up the temptation to play.  A friendly dog with a scarred snout chew-played with my hand as he followed.  I met some silent African people at a grill who did not respond to my inquiry about the girl.  I saw some people fishing.  There were fish, but I thought the fishers would not succeed.  Maybe that’s when I thought I’d find her in the forest.

Thanks to the medicine for reminding me to write this down.


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