I have not been paying a lot of attention to Trump, just because I think Bernie could beat him and I’m sure that Hillary could not, plus I think Hillary would make just an awful president, so I’ve been focused on preventing her ascendancy.  But lately there was an intersection between these two, in that Trump commented that Hillary wants to be POTUS in order to stay out of jail for crimes while Secretary of State (SOS).  I think she will be charged before she could take office, and that will be a good thing for everybody, even those who think they are right to support her.  Nonetheless, what struck me about Trump’s monologue on the subject is his run-on-sentence, stream of (un)c0nsciousness style, and the functional irrelevancy of his value priorities.  Hillary’s not strong enough to stop ISIS?  There’s so much wrong with that, the first and foremost problem being that people generally don’t stop organizations that they have invested their time and money creating…..  (See http://bit.ly/1AnmNvk).  That’s why the U.S. spent most of the last year and a half bombing the Syrian desert, I mean waging war on ISIS.

I think Trump’s only future in media is satirizing himself on SNL.

DONALD TRUMP: HIllary is not stopping ISIS, I can tell you that.

Hillary is not strong enough, she is not tough enough, she is no way she is going to be able to do it.

And there’s always problems with Hillary, it is always a problem, always, but they’re not going to be able to do the job, that I can tell you.

Bernie had his chance during the debate, and he said forget about the emails, now he’s trying to take it back, and look, if we had honest government, Hillary wouldn’t be allowed to run in this country, you know that, you know that.

People are in jail right now for doing five percent for what she did and the Democrats are not going to prosecute her, and it is frankly a disgrace, and you know it and so do I, everybody knows it.

These people here, they know it.

And you’d better remember, there’s a six year statute of limitations on that crime, so Hillary is running for a lot of reasons, one of them is because she wants to stay out of jail, becuase I am sure that first of all, everybody gets a fair shake, but I am sure whoever the attorney general is, we’ve got a lot of years left on that crime, that’s a crime.

General Petraeus got two years probation, and he was somebody that everybody liked and respected, and what she did was so much worse.

I promise, if I am elected, I am going to prosecute that crime very very seriously.

She is watching right now and saying, wow I’d better win.

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