INDIA Chooses Sides for WWIII

The Russians have agreed to sell their S-400 state-of-the-art missile defense system to India.  There’s no way this could happen without a mutual defense agreement in preparation for developing world events.

My sister, Shanti, is in India now at an ashram near Kerala, and she reports:

In the local villages near the ashram where I am staying in Kerala there are quite a few star, hammer and sickle symbol spray-painted on house/garden walls and also images of Chez Guevara’s face and name on signboards and t-shirts.  I feel this is good for the people.
Amma (the guru at the ashram) is certainly doing her best to try to promote world peace.  She gave amidnight X-mas eve Christmas address tying together Christ Consciousness, brotherly love regardless of religion and world peace.  She rocks.
They performed a quite good and original Christmas musical at 10:30pm.  The story and songs were original, they had a jazz/rock band doing the electric music with flute/violin/clarinet and the sets and costumes were well done.  Full on with fully choreographed movement songs with up to 15 people.  Sacred geometry of pyramids, figure 8/infinity flows and spiral dance.  The story was: what was Jesus like as a kid? and somehow fit the story of David and Goliath in there.  Made an amazing 15 ft tall puppet of Goliath.  The best part was the little kids in sheep costumes.  SO INCREDIBLY CUTE!

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