Interest in our Language

I find language to be transformative.  Simple words, such as lean, carry or road, taken for granted and never reconsidered, provide surprising wisdom when looked up in the dictionary.  Then there are more complex words which spiral off into the vastness of the sky such as inchoate, or another of my favorites that I used just tonight, recondite.

And I think it is one of the saddest failures of our society that we have lost interest in knowing and using these words, to the point where we even visit shame upon those who do.  Smartass, knowitall, arrogant, ivory tower resident are some of the barbs that are planted in the flesh of the linguaphile.  Or perhaps wordy, or even florid, might be used by someone trying to be helpful, suggesting that such exercises serve no positive purpose but only to humiliate those who are unfamiliar.

Failing to see that such wisdom is a travesty when it obscures the richness and beauty of English that is there for all who wish to see and learn.

I think depleting our interest in our language, and our appreciation not only of those who use it seriously but of ourselves and what poetry may lie within each soul, is actually an accomplishment of the enemies of the People, helping to keep us smaller than we might be, and not as wise.  This is similar to the accomplishment of conspirators in convincing so many of us that it is a symptom of insanity to name the malaise CONSPIRACY which is sitting there in the open for anyone to see who cares for the truth.


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