Supporting the Blog/ger

The timing of this may seem a little cheesy after the preceding post earlier today, but — what other time is there now for me to try my best to do the things that are left to me, some of them quite important?

As is well known throughout the blogosphere, but not necessarily among new viewerships, blogs cost money to host, design and propagate.  In addition, bloggers like to be able to live better as a result of their efforts on behalf of the greater being.  As many of you know, this blogger has special needs, and I’ve just found the right practitioner to help me with that most central need, the healing of the mind.  Unfortunately, she cannot send her charges to Medicare.

If you would liken to be part of the heart of what I’m doing, I invite you to please make your kind regards known via Paypal at watmanship aT yahoo dOt Com.

This post of course in no way seeks to ignore the well-established kindness of certain parties.

Only Love



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