Many people are exploring the fundamental energies of our lives and environment through many different paths including physics, spirituality, medicine, and energy (chi) exercises such as tai chi and chi kung.  I like learning about energy through meditation and chi kung, which keep me alive enough to seek out my potential for one more day despite two chronic illnesses.

There is a short exercise I would like to share that will give you a reference point when I discuss chi in future posts.  Chi is the energy that runs through all things, and while it can be abused and directed to create large destructive explosions (and threatens our planetary existence every day), for millennia it has been used to positive effect in developing health and consciousness, giving rise to mass cultural phenomena in the Orient.

Please sit comfortably with spine erect in a place with low lighting, as there is just before dawn or after sunset.  Put your palms together in front of you in the child’s prayer steeple position.  Open your thumbs and index fingers so you can put your lips against the edge of your steepled index fingers, and place the tips of your thumbs against your larynx.  Close your eyes and focus on your breathing for several cycles.  Now, keeping your mildly meditative state, forcefully whisper the syllable “SOOOH” into the space between your index fingers.  Do this several times and forcefully enough that you would be embarrassed in an airport.  Elongate the “OOOOH” sound of the syllable for three or four seconds, forcefully channeling several of your entire exhalations into the whisper of this sound, so you can feel your breath penetrating between all of your steepled fingers and down into your palms.

Now, KEEP YOUR HANDS TOGETHER, and move your steepled hands slightly down and away from your mouth so you can look at them comfortably.  Rub them together vigorously, as if you were outside in winter without gloves!  Rub rub rub rub, for 5-10 seconds.  KEEP THEM TOGETHER!

Now, keeping your hands facing each other, separate them slowly just ONE HALF INCH.  Now, bring them BACK TOGETHER one quarter inch.  Do this several times.  SLOWWWLY move your hands apart 1/4 inch at a time by alternative 1/2 inch away, 1/4 inch back, 1/2 inch away, 1/4 inch back.

Can you feel a magnetic resistance now that is trying to keep your hands from separating?  Each time you move your hands another 1/2 inch apart, then another 1/4 inch back together, you should be feeling a magnetic resistance that seems to be trying to keep your hands together.

THIS IS YOUR CHI!  This is the essential energy of your being that is invoked in meditation, prayer, Oriental medicine and other consciousness practices.

Now, if the light is right, and if you are still sustaining the energy bridge between your hands, you might also be able to see your chi.  It looks like a weak snow pattern from an (old fashioned) TV.  Can you see it?

This is the energy that connects us with all other beings, ourselves, the moon and stars.  We are all made of the same subatomic particles which merge in and out of wave states.  This ocean-deep fabric of consciousness is not inert, it is alive, and through meditation and other energy practices, we can keep deepening our experience.

As we will discuss again.


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